ADAS Test Solutions

RAD is able to provide a complete solution from R&D verification to production test for 24GHz and 77GHz millimeter-wave radars, realizing comprehensive testing and verification performance indicators and functional indicators of millimeter-wave radars. At the same time, relying on professional technology, RAD can provide standardized testing services and issue product certification reports, which can accelerate the industrialization of user product.

一、LAB Test Solutions

This solution can be used for 24GHz or 77GHz millimeter-wave radars, providing radar measurement and obstacle simulation functions for 1GHz or 4GHz bandwidth radars, meeting the testing requirements of EIRP, phase noise, bandwidth and so on. With a millimeter-wave radar anechoic chamber, precision mechanical pan-tilts and R&D-level radar test software and hardware systems, RAD will help you achieve various indicators evaluation of mmWave radar professionally.

二、Millimeter Wave Radar Production Line Test

With the development and improvement of millimeter-wave radar technology, from laboratory technology optimization to mass production and calibration, all stages of radar products require standardized performance and functional tests.

Based on standardized mmWave radar test instruments, combined with professional microwave anechoic chambers, precision mechanical turntables, etc., RAD will help you build a millimeter-wave radar production line test station. The station can cover series of testing requirements, such as mmWave radar electrical testing, RF index testing, and functional testing. All these tests contribute to the pass rate test of the mmWave radar of the production line to ensure the product quality.

三、Millimeter Wave Radar Simulator

Doppler Radar Target Simulator
Static Radar Target Simulator
NI Vehicle Radar Test System

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