ADAS Test Solutions

Ultrasonic radar has been widely used in automobiles at present. The principle of it’s working is to measure the distance by the time difference between sending out ultrasonic waves through an ultrasonic transmitting device and receiving through the receiver.

RAD can provide customized test systems for ultrasonic radar laboratory testing and verification requirements and EOL testing requirements.

R&D Test Solution

Build an ultrasonic radar anechoic chamber, provide R&D-level radar test software and hardware systems, and support ultrasonic sensors or ultrasonic probes launching and receiving performance indicators.

Production Test Solution

Provide automatic ultrasonic sensor production EOL testing and calibration equipment, support ultrasonic sensor sound pressure level test calibration and sensitivity testing.

  Ultrasonic Simulator

   ★ Ultrasonic radar echo simulator

   ★ Ultrasonic radar ECU simulator

   ★ Ultrasonic radar sensor simulator

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