ADAS Test Solutions

RAD provides V2X communication testing solutions, which can be used to test communication between OBUs and communication between OBUs and RSUs, which can be used in different road environments. By deploying high-precision signal synchronization acquisition and processing units in a large space, the V2X communication channel test is completed. This solution can also be applied to different applications such as massive MIMO construction, UAV management and control, and deep data mining.


★ Strictly synchronized broadband signal acquisition and recording

★ High-precision synchronization signal triggering and reference clock sharing (the synchronization accuracy of trigger signal or pps second pulse signal is better than 50ps, and the phase noise of the same frequency and phase 10MHz reference signal is better than -126dBc/Hz@1KHz)

★ Use coaxial cable/optical fiber/wireless method to synchronize, not restricted by space deployment conditions

★ 10MHz-6GHz signal real-time sampling and signal storage, the maximum real-time sampling bandwidth can reach 160MHz

★ Integrated FPGA unit can complete real-time signal processing

★ Target motion state: same direction, reverse direction, different motion speed, cross

Applicable road environment

★ Straight roads, curves, intersections, tunnels, three-dimensional traffic

Installation method

★ It can be deployed in laboratories and road tests. In road tests, it can be installed on the mobile end (vehicle) and fixed end (holding pole).

Application direction

★ MIMO testing, LTE, 802.11 device simulation, spectrum sensing, cognitive radio, beamforming and dynamic aperture modification, radio measurement items, signal delay measurement, channel quality analysis and optimization

Industry Solutions

★ V2X communication test in the intelligent network connection demonstration area, RSU terminal deployment test evaluation

★ Wireless positioning and channel disturbance test

★ Flexible construction of large-scale distributed MIMO system

★ UAV control, security and criminal investigation

★ Research and teaching, data mining