ADAS Test Solutions

Millimeter Wave Radar Test Service

A professional millimeter-wave radar testing laboratory, taking into account both 24GHz and 77GHz radars, can evaluate various performance indicators of the radar and issue industry standard test reports. Help R&D users to verify the functions and performance parameters of millimeter-wave radars, and assist OEMs in the selection of radar performance verification.

Test items:

★ Millimeter wave radar electrical characteristics test: working voltage, working current, etc.;

★ Transmit link radio frequency index test: transmit power, spectrum, bandwidth, chirp analysis, etc.;

★ Receiving link radio frequency index test: receiving sensitivity, Rx antenna pattern, etc.;

★ Radar target detection ability test: angle, speed, distance test accuracy, etc.

Laboratory composition:

★ Microwave anechoic chamber, radar target simulator, spectrum analyzer, signal source, power meter, precision pan/tilt, etc.

fulfill the standard:

★ ETSI EN 301091-1

★ GB/T 28046.1 – 2011

★ GB/T 28046.2 – 2011

★ GB/T 28046.3 – 2011

★ GB/T 28046.4 – 2011

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