ADAS Test Solutions

Sensor fusion technology is the core link to improve the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicle. By combining different sensor information, it can more accurately reflect the car environment information, so that the car can make more accurate execution judgments. Testing vehicle in real scenarios directly faces the problems of high cost, high risk and takes a lot of time. Therefore, the hardware-in-the-loop test method that can be combined with real scenarios is more in line with the current smart car test requirements.

Sensor Fusion Test Solution

Partner with Suzhou Automotive Research Institute, Tsinghua University ,SIMENS TASS and NI, RAD constructs a hardware-in-the-loop simulation system for sensor fusion based on real domestic drive test scenarios. The system can be customized according to user needs to achieve ADAS ECU hardware-in-the-loop testing based on scenarios. This system can also be extended to a driver-in-the-loop simulation system to help users complete ADAS tests from sensor simulation to driver's real perception in the laboratory.

System functions

★ The system supports APA, AEB, ACC and other low-speed and high-speed scenarios in-loop simulation and testing

★ Support front view camera video injection, surround view camera video injection

★ Realization of millimeter wave radar echo simulation based on NI VRTS

★ Can achieve ultrasonic radar echo simulation