Automated Testing

1、Customize and develop efficient and low-cost testing methods for R&D teams and production enterprises

2、Support Autobench, TestStand efficient test sequence editing software, flexible customized test sequence, can meet the complex test requirements of the product in the development phase, and can meet the rapid and efficient test requirements in the mass production phase

3、Meet the test requirements of laboratory testing, FCT (Function Circuit Test) and EOL (End of Line product final inspection), and customized test benches

4、Support production line test automation, test content covers

★ Mechanical wave test (sonic wave, ultrasonic wave)

★ Optical test (visual positioning, image recognition, visible light and invisible light test)

★ Laser testing (application of laser ranging, laser production process testing)

★ Electrical signal test (current, voltage, resistance, capacitance test, load test)

★ Wireless signal test (Tx, Rx signal test, wireless communication protocol test, covering frequency from low frequency to 90GHz millimeter wave)

★ Communication protocol test