Automated Testing

RAD can provide a variety of customized test equipment for scientific research institutions:

★ Provide test system, application software, hardware customization, FPGA and Linux program development

★ Customized development of EPICS application software and special toolkit

★ Mechanical, electrical and automation system integration

  Mechatronics platform

  ★ Mechatronics platform development: automatic material replacement system in high-irradiation areas

  ★ Development of special machinery and electrical equipment for special industries

  ★ The equipment works in high-radioactive environments

  ★ Automatic alignment, multi-axis mechanical linkage, remote monitoring, safety interlock, dose monitoring, experimental database construction

  ★ The experimental data can be traced to ensure the safety of on-site personnel


  Customized Software Development

  Application case: Synchronous radiation beamline and experimental station control system

  ★ Automatic control system for beam line of synchronous radiation accelerator and experimental station

  ★ Distributed data acquisition system to achieve synchronous data acquisition of multiple sensors

  ★ Simplify the debugging complexity of beamline engineers and achieve fast automatic control

  ★ EPICS control network support to achieve the communication between the experimental station and the main signal of the accelerator

Synchrotron radiation beam line and experimental station control system

  Customized Hardware System Development

  Application case: customized development of solid detector

  ★ Hardware design and development, IP algorithm development, application software development

  ★ Based on the NI PXIe platform to achieve a broadband data throughput of 3.2GBytes/s

  ★ Design and development of 8-element solid detector, FPGA real-time signal processing

  ★ Support EPICS IOC deployment