AutoBench is an automated test management software for automotive electronic test requirements. With AutoBench, users do not need to know the underlying hardware information, just configure the test parameters according to the test specification to start the test. After the test is over, AutoBench can automatically generate a report according to the test standard and write it into the database.

Main features

★ Platform-based test management software

★ Hierarchical software architecture, user authority management, automatic generation of test reports

★ Smooth transition from laboratory to production line

Test kit

★ Vehicle radar target simulation and performance test

★ Ultrasonic radar signal analysis and function test

★ Wireless communication protocol test: GNSS, 802.11p, eCall, C-V2X, WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, NFC

Compatible hardware

★ Provide upper-level software package instrument manufacturer driver, compatible with mainstream instrument manufacturer hardware